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How to update Plugins from Livestreamer or Streamlink (Fix error: No streams found on this URL or [End of Streamlink for Windows with ExitCode 1])


By using Livestreamer
Cause official support from Livestreamer is expired you could find older plugins here:

Newer plugins here:

As example the plugin from Twitch must be updatet, you can search livestreamer+twitch.py at Google.
Many of newer plugins could be found at Github.
The file twitch.py is a text file which can opend with any text editor.

1. If you have the newer plugin, search the twitch.py file in your plugin folder.
Mostly path: ..\livestreamer-1.12.2-py2.7.egg\livestreamer\plugins\

2. When you found, open it with a text editor and paste the newer content (or replace the whole file)

When it not works first time, search another plugin and try again.
Sometimes streams should also work when using http instead of https.


By using Streamlink
To get latest plugins for Streamlink visit this links:
or https://github.com/streamlink/streamlink/issues

As example you also can search streamlink+twitch.py at Google.
Update the plugins from Streamlink with the same steps like at Livestreamer.
- Streamlink plugin folder is mostly ../Streamlink/pkgs/streamlink/plugins

- When you have download the Complete Package with Streamlink portable, the plugins are located in folder: ../Streamlink_Portable/Streamlink/streamlink/plugins